the light of life


The living cells of plants, animals, and humans store and release quantum particles of light known as biophotons. Biophotons -- from the Greek βίος meaning "life" and φῶς meaning "light" -- are literally the "light of life".  The human electromagnetic field , or biofield, is fueled by biophotons, which transmit energy and information throughout the body, weaving a web of light that helps to regulate processes and maintain homeostasis.  

Biophoton activity is an indicator of the functional state of the cells, and can be used to assess the health of the organism. The more light the cells store, the stronger the electromagnetic field becomes, and the healthier the individual will be.  

At HeartMind Institute, our research is focused on developing various viable means for consciously generating biophotons within the cells, in order to maximize the amplitude of the biofield, and promote optimal physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being. 


Photogenetics is an emerging branch of Biofield Science first introduced by HeartMind Institute. It derives its name from the Greek word photogenesis, which means to generate light. Photogenetics involves consciously generating biophotons within our cells and biofield, by applying measurable autogenic techniques.

Photogenetic Therapy

HeartMind Institute offers Photogenetic Therapy Classes and Workshops to Health and Allied Healthcare professionals, and anyone else who is interested in learning to consciously generate biophotons within their cells and biofield, in order to optimize overall health and promote healing.

The Biofield and biophotons explained by a biophysicist

Biophysicist Beverly Rubik explains the Biofield and Biophotons. To hear about consciously generating biophotons, fast forward to 10:45 on the video.