dna & genes


Biophotons and DNA

DNA molecules in the nucleus of each cell absorb, store, and release biophotons, and this process weaves a web of light that connects organs and tissues, carrying energy and information throughout the body, and creating the biofield. The Human Genome Project found that about 1% of DNA sequences influence our genes, and that the remaining 99% was what they called "junk DNA". However, it was recently discovered that the so-called "junk DNA" is actually a major source of biophoton emissions.


Reprogramming DNA and Genes


Photorepair and Reactivation


Consciousness and DNA

Biophotons stored in the intracellular DNA are affected by consciousness. Conscious thought creates highly coherent frequencies that produce an ordered flux of photons capable of changing the molecular structure of matter. 


Biophoton Entanglement

LInguistic wave genetics

Dr. Articulator explains Linguistic Wave Genetics.

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